Etherchannel - fast-switchover

When creating an EtherChannel bundle using the LACP as the LAG protocol, it is possible to enable 1:1 link redundancy using the lacp fast-switchover command.

This command will essentially result in sub-second failover delay for an EtherChannel link when activated.

Prior to entering the lacp fast-switchover command, you must ensure the following:

  • The port channel protocol type is LACP.
  • The lacp max-bundle 1 command has been entered on the port channel.

Note that the recommended setup is to configure only two ports in such a bundle, where one will act as active, and one as hot-standby for optimum performance.

This is why the lacp max-bundle 1 command is recommended. For more info on this command, take a look at EtherChannel - max-bundle.


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