ASA redirect IP SLA messages to log buffer

When configuring an IP SLA within a Cisco ASA, it is possible to redirect all of the state changes to be logged within the local buffer. This can be done using the following global configuration mode command:

myASA(config)# logging message 622001

Logging messages in the ASA are given a specific reference number. 622001 is the number that corresponds to notifications that occur whenever there is an addition or removal of a tracked route.

Now by default, this message number has a syslog severity level of 6, which is informational. This means that in order to buffer such messages, you must issue the following command:

myASA(config)#logging buffered informational

The problem is that this will result in a very verbose output. To resolve this, you an change the severity level of this particular message by using the following command:

myASA(config)# logging message 622001 level 3

With a higher severity level, it will be among the less verbose output, and easier to read and manage.