CCNP SCOR exam topics

Although the site is not yet geared specifically towards providing complete coverage of the topics covered by the CCNP SCOR 350-701 exam, there are some topics that do cover a portion of the content. The following table indicates the topics as described in the Cisco blueprint, with the corresponding keywords of topics covered in the NetworkLessons site.

Exam TopicLesson keyword
1.3 Describe functions of the cryptography components such as hashing, encryption, PKI, SSL, IPsec, NAT-T IPv4 for IPsec, pre-shared key and certificate based authorizationIPSec SSL, NAT-T, certificate-based authentication
1.4 Compare site-to-site VPN and remote access VPN deployment types such as sVTI, IPsec, Cryptomap, DMVPN, FLEXVPN including high availability considerations, and AnyConnectSite-to-Site VPN, remote access VPN, VTI, cryptomap, DMVPN, FLEXVPN, AnyConnect
1.7 Explain North Bound and South Bound APIs in the SDN architectureAPI, SD-WAN, SD-Access
1.9 Interpret basic Python scripts used to call Cisco Security appliances APIsPython
2.3 Describe the components, capabilities, and benefits of NetFlow and Flexible NetFlow recordsNetflow, Flexible netflow
2.4 Configure and verify network infrastructure security methods (router, switch, wireless)VLANs, VRF, port security, DHCP snooping, DAI, PVLANs, MAC, ARP, STP, control plane, data plane
2.7 Configure AAA for device and network access (authentication and authorization, TACACS+, RADIUS and RADIUS flows, accounting, and dACL)AAA, RADIUS, TACACS
2.8 Configure secure network management of perimeter security and infrastructure devices (secure device management, SNMPv3, views, groups, users, authentication, and encryption, secure logging, and Network Time Protocol (NTP) with authentication)SNMPv3, NTP
2.9 Configure and verify site-to-site VPN and remote access VPNSite to site VPN, remote access VPN, AnyConnect, IPSec tunnel

We suggest you do a search for the keywords to find the lessons associated with the specific topics in each section.

Note that for the most part, the current content on the NetworkLessons site covers sections 1 and 2 of the content. Sections 3 to 6 are not covered in any substantial way.

Also keep in mind that this is an approximation of the available content. Doing further searches on the site on your own may be helpful.