Certifications - Continuing Education Credits

For all certification levels, Cisco now enables certification holders to recertify by using Continuing Education (CE) credits. These credits can be acquired in several ways including participation in online courses, instructor led trainings, select Cisco Live trainings, and authoring test questions.

Each certification level has a different number of CEs required for recertification:

  • Associate level - 30 CE credits
  • Specialist level - 40 CE credits
  • Professional level - 80 CE credits
  • CCIE - 120 CE credits
  • Cisco CCDE - 120 CE credits

It is also possible to recertify using a combination of CEs and exams. These combinations can be found on Cisco's related recertification policy site.

Every now and then, Cisco offers free courses through their Rev Up To Recert program. You can receive CE credits for these courses as well.




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