Cisco IOS Order of Operation


The lists below apply to Cisco IOS. Keep in mind that this can be different, depending on the model and/or IOS version.


  1. IP Traffic Export (RITE)
  2. QoS Policy Propagation through BGP (QPPB)
  3. Ingress Flexible NetFlow
  4. Network Based Application Recognition (NBAR)
  5. Input QoS Classification
  6. Ingress NetFlow
  7. IOS IPS Inspection
  8. Input Stateful Packet Inspection
  9. Input Access-List
  10. Input Flexible Packet Matching (FPM)
  11. IPSec Decryption
  12. Unicast RPF Check
  13. Input QoS Marking
  14. Input Policing
  15. Input MAC or IP Precedence Accounting
  16. NAT Outside-to-Inside
  17. Policy Routing


  1. WCCP Redirect
  2. NAT Inside-to-Outside
  3. Network Based Application Recognition (NBAR)
  4. BGP Policy Accounting
  5. Output QoS Classification
  6. Output ACL Check
  7. Output Flexible Packet Matching (FPM)
  8. DoS Tracker
  9. Output Stateful Packet Inspection
  10. TCP Intercept
  11. Output QoS Marking
  12. Output Policing
  13. Output MAC or IP Precedence Accounting
  14. IPSec Encryption
  15. Egress Flexible Netflow
  16. Egress Flexible NetFlow
  17. Egress RITE
  18. Output Queueing