Cisco SD-WAN request upload

The request command can be used to upload files to a remote destination.

vManage1# request upload ? Possible completions: http/https/ftp/scp/tftp (http://,https://,ftp://,scp://,tftp://) -CA -out 20210811-025905-admin-tech.tar.gz ROOT-CA.key ROOT-CA.pem admin@ vbond.crt vbond_csr vedge1.crt vedge1.csr vedge1_csr vedge2.crt vedge2_csr vedge3.crt vedge3_csr vedge4.crt vedge4_csr vmanage1.crt vmanage_csr vpn VPN vsmart1.crt vsmart_csr

For example:

request upload vpn 0 scp://admin@ ROOT-CA.pem

This copies the ROOT-CA.pem file to a remote SCP server.

Another option is Cisco SD-WAN scp command. This is probably easier because scp is a common Linux command that many engineers have seen before.