Cisco SD-WAN save command

You can use the save command to export files to remote devices. You need to enter configuration mode first:

vManage1# config Entering configuration mode terminal

Now you can use the save command:

vManage1(config)# save ? Possible completions: Remote directory path (ftp://user:password@host:port/filepath, scp://user@host :filepath, /) -CA -out 20210811-025905-admin-tech.tar.gz ROOT-CA.key ROOT-CA.pem admin@ vbond.crt vbond_csr vedge1.crt vedge1.csr vedge1_csr vedge2.crt vedge2_csr vedge3.crt vedge3_csr vedge4.crt vedge4_csr vmanage1.crt vmanage_csr vsmart1.crt vsmart_csr

For example:

vManage1(config)# save scp://ubuntu@ Copying(scp) configuration ubuntu@ ubuntu@'s password: Successfully archived configuratio