EIGRP - stub site function

When implementing EIGRP in a DMVPN topology, it is always a good idea to ensure that the stub feature for EIGRP is employed at the spokes of the topology.

The stub feature can be employed using the conventional method for EIGRP. Cisco has however developed an alternative method of configuring the same stub feature within a DMVPN topology, in order to simplify the configuration process.

The EIGRP Intelligent WAN Simplification feature implements stub site behavior for EIGRP deployed on DMVPN networks. This configuration method involves the following two address-family configuration commands:

eigrp stub-site - specifies a stub site for the address family stub-site wan-interface - specifies a stub site for the WAN interfaces

Note that the eigrp stub-site command is mutually exclusive with the eigrp stub command. You cannot execute both commands on a device.