how to study amazon aws

Amazon AWS is a large cloud provider and they offer dozens of products and services. Below is an overview of free study resources that you can use.

Cloud Products

When you are new to AWS, it can be overwhelming to learn about all products that they offer.

The products page gives a high level overview of all products that they offer.

AWS Free Tier

The best way to learn AWS is to get hands-on experience. AWS offers a free tier which means you can use certain products and services without paying.

Some products are always free, others are free for 12 months. You can find everything here:

AWS Training and Certification

AWS offers a large collection of training resources for free. You can find it here:


There are also many free Amazon AWS courses on edX. Check it out:

AWS Youtube Channel

The AWS Youtube channel has a lot of videos with explanations and tutorials:


Once you become more familiar with AWS, you'll find yourself digging through the documentation more often. Here is a direct link: