IP addressing on a Switch

Layer 2 switches have switchports, or Layer 2 ports. These don’t have IP addresses and cannot be assigned IP addresses, because a layer 2 switch cannot route packets.

Now on a layer 3 switch, it is possible to configure what is known as a routed port. When configured, such a port would behave exactly the same as a port on a router, with an assigned IP address in a unique subnet (unique compared to other IP addresses assigned to interfaces on the local device).

Alternatively, a switch can be assigned an IP address on a VLAN interface, also known as a Switched Virtual Interface (SVI).

This differs somewhat from IP Addressing on a Router.

Links: https://forum.networklessons.com/t/router-ip-address-basics/14999/2?u=lagapides https://networklessons.com/switching/intervlan-routing

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