Network - Monitoring multiple IPs of a single device with Observium

When setting up a device to be monitored by Observium, you can only add one IPv4 or IPv6 address per device. If you want to monitor multiple addresses on the same device, you should be able to do so by adding the same device twice, once for each address. That way, Observium will see the single device as two entities, one for each of its IP addresses.


  • Add the device using the primary IP address and let Observium discover and poll it.
  • Then, add the same device again but this time use the second IP address.

This will let you monitor both IP addresses. The downside is that Observium will treat these as two separate devices, which may not be ideal for your monitoring needs. Whenever you do this you must keep in mind to:

  • Configure SNMP on both IPs on the device. If SNMP is not enabled on the second IP, Observium will not be able to poll it.
  • Make sure that you use a different sysName (the name of the device) for each IP address you add. Otherwise you may get a conflict.

Note that Observium has been forked to LibreNMS, which resolves such issues. It is typically a better choice nowadays.