SD-WAN - EVE-NG connection options

When setting up EVE-NG in a virtual machine to run an SD-WAN simulation, it is preferrable to use an ESX server connected to a switch using a trunk port. This way, you can create VLANs withint your EVE-NG topology and span them all the way to your real network. You can also separate your lab and "production" traffic within VLANs.

ESX with Trunk

Here is an example of an ESX server with a trunk to your real network.


VMWare Workstation without Trunk

If you are unable to create a trunk between your computer or server that runs ESX server or VMWare workstation, then your VLANs will end at your ESXi topology. You can create VLANs within the EVE-NG topology, but they can't span to your real network.

Here is an example for VMWare workstation where you don't use any VLANs:


This will work, but it allows everything to communicate on the local network. There is no separation between the lab and the production traffic. because you can't use VLANs end-to-end. In a production network, this would be unacceptable, but in a lab environment, this can be done.

An alternative could be to run a router within a VM with two interfaces:

  • A virtual NIC that only connects to a virtual network.
  • A virtual NIC that connects to your physical NIC.

You could terminate your VLANs at the virtual router, and route the traffic from there into your real network.