SD-WAN set TLOC color

When onboarding a vEdge device in a Cisco SD-WAN implementation, one of the parameters that is set under the tunnel interface for each WAN to which the vEdge device is connected.

The color command sets the “color” for the TLOC. This can be seen as a tag or a name that is given to differentiate between the WAN connections.

The context-sensitive help may be more confusing than helpful:

vedge(config-tunnel-interface)# color ? Description: Set color for TLOC Possible completions: <3g biz-internet blue bronze custom1 custom2 custom3 default gold gre en lte metro-ethernet mpls public-internet red silver private1 private2 pri vate3 private4 private5 private6>[default]

The word “color” and the options like “bronze”, “silver”, or “gold” might imply that this has something to do with QoS. Color however is nothing more than a label to differentiate between multiple WAN connections. It doesn’t have anything to do with QoS.


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