Syslog - terminal monitor

On a Cisco device, the terminal monitor command is used within an interactive terminal session to view the log messages in real time when connected remotely to the CLI through protocols like Telnet, SSH, or other remote terminal sessions. By default, when you remotely access a Cisco device, log messages are not displayed on the terminal screen. The terminal monitor command ensures that you can see these messages during your remote session.

To Enable: Simply type terminal monitor in the privileged EXEC mode. To Disable: Use the terminal no monitor command.

Note that this command affects only the current terminal session. So, if someone else is also connected remotely to the same device, they would have to issue the terminal monitor command in their session to view the real-time log messages.

What log messages will appear depends upon the configuration of the Syslog severity level that has been configured.

It's worth noting that if you're directly connected to the device via a console connection (e.g., console cable connected to the device's console port), you don't need the terminal monitor command. Console sessions display system messages by default.