Upgrade your R&S skills to modern networking

For a long time, we used the CLI as our primary method to configure network devices like routers and switches. Nowadays, we shift more to other methods with a bigger focus on network automation.

What are the skills you need to learn to upgrade your knowledge?

  • Knowledge of traditional routing & switching: What happens under the hood hasn't changed much so your knowledge of routing protocols like OSPF, EIGRP. BGP, etc. is still valuable.
  • You need to learn what an API is and how to interact with them.
  • Learn what JSON, XML, and YAML is and why we use them.
  • Understanding the basics of Python is important. Many example scripts use Python to interact with APIs: https://networklessons.com/python
  • Network automation tools: Ansible is a good tool to start with.
  • Version control: GIT.
  • CI/CD: use pipelines