VRF - Definition mode

When configuring VRFs, the VRF definition mode can be used to give a VRF a name and to enter VRF configuration mode. This can be done using the following command sequence:

Router(config)# vrf definition vrf1

Once definition mode is entered, various options for configuring the VRF are made available. The following context sensitive help shows some of these:

R1(config)#vrf definition vrf1 R1(config-vrf)#? VPN Routing/Forwarding instance configuration commands: address-family Enter Address Family command mode default Set a command to its defaults description VRF specific description exit Exit from VRF configuration mode help Description of the interactive help system ipv4 VRF IPv4 configuration no Negate a command or set its defaults rd Specify Route Distinguisher route-target Specify Target VPN Extended Communities vnet Virtual NETworking configuration vpn Configure VPN ID as specified in rfc2685 R1(config-vrf)#

The available options will depend upon the platform and IOS version.