DHCPv6 relay agent

A DHCPv6 relay agent can be configured within an IPv6 environment in much the same way as in an IPv4 environment.

A routed interface can be configured to relay DHCP messages from clients to a DHCPv6 server that exists on a remote network segment. Such a DHCPv6 relay agent can be configured if it fulfills the following criteria:

  • The relay agent interface must be on the same broadcast network segment as the DHCP client
  • The DHCPv6 server IPv6 address must be reachable from the DHCPv6 relay interface (routing must be employed correctly)
  • The DHCPv6 server must have a DHCPv6 scope that is identical to that of the interface configured as a relay agent

The command applied to the agent interface that is used to achieve this is the following:

ipv6 dhcp relay destination ipv6-address [interface-type interface-number | vrf vrf-name | global]

The above description focuses on IPv6. For relay agents in an IPv4 environment, take a look at DHCP relay agent.




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