EIGRP on the Nexus Platform

When configuring EIGRP on a device running NX-OS, EIGRP is configured globally using the router eigrp command. However, when specifying which networks will participate in EIGRP, this is done using the ip router eigrp command in interface mode. This specifies that the network of that particular interface will participate in EIGRP.

The following is an example of an EIGRP configuration on a Nexus device:

switch(config)# router eigrp 1 switch(config-router)# exit switch(config)# interface ethernet 1/2 switch(config-if)# ip address switch(config-if)# ip router eigrp 1

This configuration enables EIGRP with an instance tag of "1" and indicates that the network will participate in EIGRP, since that is the network to which the interface belongs.

Note that some NX-OS versions do support the more conventional network command under the EIGRP router configuration mode, but it is not considered best practice to use it.