getting a network job without experience

Many companies will ask for "on the job" experience.

Getting "production network" experience is somewhat a chicken and egg problem.

You need a job to get "hands on" experience, which might be harder to get without experience.

Keep the following in mind when you run into this:

As network engineers, we have one huge advantage over those pursuing other careers. We can get a LOT of experience studying and labbing from home. You can build large topologies at home, which are similar to what you might see on a real production network.

If you have any knowledge gaps or no experience with certain technology, study it and lab to get experience.

Certifications can help when you try to lab your first job:

Value of Cisco certifications

However, keep in mind that you are not the only one with a certification:

  • Your CCNA certificate gives you an advantage over someone without any certification.
  • Your CCNP certificate could give you an advantage over someone with a CCNA certification.
  • Multiple certifications could give you an advantage over someone with only CCNA or CCNP.