networking job interviews

When you try to get your first networking job, you might feel insecure because you don't have any experience with "real" networks:

getting a network job without experience

How should you deal with this in an interview?

Nobody knows everything. Even if you have a CCIE, you realize how much you still don't know.

When they ask you about something you don't know during an interview, how you respond is probably more important than giving the answer. Everyone has knowledge gaps, we are not masters in every subject.

If they ask you about a subject that you don't know, explain how you would deal with it. For example:

  • You do research:
    • Read, watch videos, do labs to understand the topic.
    • You lab up the issue to see if you can reproduce it in a lab.
    • You fix the issue on the production network.
    • You create notes to describe the issue in case you ever run into it again.

Explaining the interviewer what you would do is SO much better than answering "I don't know" and continuing the interview.

In your career, you will always run into unknown situations and problems. Most companies prefer people who know how to approach unknown problems.