MPLS Troubleshooting

This is an overview of items to check if you have to troubleshoot MPLS:

  1. Make sure your PE/P routers have established LDP neighbor adjacencies using loopback interfaces as the transport addresses.

  2. Make sure the VRF is created on both PE routers.

  3. Make sure you use the correct RD for each VRF.

  4. Make sure you have the correct import/export route-targets.

  5. Check if you see routes in the VRF routing table on the PE routers.

  6. Check if you have an iBGP neighbor adjacency between the PE routers for the VPN address-family.

  7. Make sure that extended communities are sent between the PE routers.

  8. Make sure you see VPN routes on each PE router.

  9. Make sure you see routes on both CE routers.