Nexus - using vPC with HSRP

vPC and HSRP do two different things.

vPC allows you to interconnect two Nexus switches making them appear as a single logical node to other devices. vPC scales up the size of the Layer 2 network.

HSRP is a gateway redundancy protocol, meaning it operates on Layer 3.

HSRP and vPC do work well together on Nexus devices. When configured together, you have the following advantages:

  • HSRP operates in an active/active arrangement. That means that both devices forward traffic (unlike HSRP on an IOS device). They actually perform gateway load balancing much like GLBP on IOS.
  • vPC will help "tune" HSRP so that is why Cisco recommends configuring HSRP with the default settings when using vPC. In a regular HSRP configuration, you as the administrator will tune the timers to enable fast failover. When used with vPC, it is vPC that will handle the failover


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