FHRP Load Balancing Behavior

First hop redundancy protocols (FHRP Protocols) implement load balancing in different ways. The following list shows a summary of load balancing features for these protocols:

  • HSRP on Cisco IOS devices does not perform load balancing. Traffic is always forwarded to the active router.
  • HSRP on Cisco Nexus devices that are paired using vPC performs load balancing across both devices, even if a device is considered standby.
  • VRRP can be configured to load balance manually, by creating two or more group numbers. Each router is assigned a different group number with a different virtual IP address. Hosts within the VLAN can be configured with a different default gateway, so that half of the hosts use one gateway, while the other half uses the other. If a gateway fails, all hosts will switch over to the active device. In this sense, load balancing is achieved "manually".
  • GLBP can be used to perform load balancing automatically between redundant gateways.

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