Multicast - AutoRP

Multicast PIM Auto RP is a protocol that is used to automatically find the Rendezvous Point (RP) in a multicast PIM sparse mode network. It is similar to the open PIM Bootstrap (BSR), but is a Cisco proprietary protocol.

AutoRP is specifically designed to simplify the management of RP information in multicast networks. AutoRP automates the distribution of RP information reducing the need for manual RP configuration on each router.

Key components of AutoRP include:

Candidate RPs send their RP-announce messages to a well-known multicast address. Mapping Agents receive these announcements and create a consolidated RP-to-group mapping. The Mapping Agents then multicast this mapping to all PIM routers using another well-known multicast address.

AutoRP is a mechanism to automate the process of RP discovery and distribution in PIM multicast networks, enhancing efficiency, reducing manual configuration, and improving network resilience.